Modern manufacturing plant

At Gyandhara, the ingredients sourced are of superior quality
and the manufacturing process undergoes several quality checks and
monitoring on a regular basis to ensure high quality output.

Modern Labs

Our raw materials are tested at every stage of its production through the wet chemistry at our lab with standards set in GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) & GLP (Goods Laboratory Practices). We also use NIRS (NearInfrared Spectroscopy) for the sustainability of our products. This entire process is followed for Raw materials as well as Finished Goods.

Warehouse Storage

We ensure the quality of our cattle feed starting from the process of purchasing the raw materials till its converted into finished goods. We take special care of Stacking the Raw Materials, as per the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards, so that it remains free from moisture, weevil, aflatoxin and other harmful bacterias and to further ensure its freshness throughout the manufacturing process - we use FIFO method.

Solar Powered

The impacts of climate change are already being felt across our business. And we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to contribute solutions by both reducing our own emissions and building resilience by helping the business and communities to adapt to climate change. We have saved 5.30 Lac units of power through solar panel energy since Nov, 2020