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Gyandhara Cattle Feed: Best Cattle Feed in Region

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   Established in 2018, Gyandhara has emerged as a leading manufacturer of high-quality cattle feed in Uttar Pradesh. Beyond our premium products, we are committed to empowering farmers with knowledge about effective dairy farming techniques and best practices in cattle rearing.


   With a dedicated team of over 150 skilled employees and a modern automated manufacturing facility capable of producing 500 metric tons of feed daily, Gyandhara serves over 2.5 lakh farmers. Our focus is on delivering superior products and services through a network of 3200+ retailers and 200+ distributors, with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 225 crores.

   Our commitment to farmers is further exemplified through initiatives like 'Gyandhara Manthan' and 'Gyandhara Vet Camp.' These programs entail personalized services where our team, along with veterinary doctors and extension officers, visit farmers' homes to provide hands-on training. This approach has been instrumental in enhancing farmers' knowledge and improving their cattle's well-being.


   At Gyandhara, our vision is driven by our core beliefs: "FARMERS FIRST: Kisan Khush toh Hum Khush," "HAPPY PLACE: Both Personal & Professional Growth Matters," and "QUALITY CONSCIOUS: Awareness, Alignment, Attention." We are dedicated to elevating the income levels of small and medium-scale farmers in the dairy sector. Through our innovative products, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive agricultural training, we aim to accelerate their growth and success in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions
There is possibility of adulteration in traditional cattle feed, along with risk of bacterial and fungal diseases. Also, there are no recognized standards followed in preparation of traditional cattle feed. Besides lack of minerals and vitamins in the traditional feed, there is an uneven presence of essential elements required for proper cattle nutrition in such feed. Gyandhara cattle feed on the other hand is made with unadulterated raw materials using the latest technology in a modern factory. All ingredients used in Gyandhara cattle feed are tested in a laboratory and the final products have the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Cattle feed specialists in our company keep doing regular research to determine the optimal nutritional diet to be given for growth of healthy cattle.
Gyandhara Gold-Pro is rich in bypass protein, increases milk production & fat and increases animal fertility. This product also supports the enhancement of immunity and increases the number of days of milk production during the inter-calving period. Another important quality of Gold-Pro is that it prevents protein deficiency in high milk producing animals.
Gyandhara Supreme increases milk production in general and also specifically increases the number of days of milk production during the inter-calving period. There is increased conception capacity and better immunity in cattle due to intake of this product, besides helping in controlling milk fever disease. This product also keeps the balance of mineral salts and vitamins in the body.
We have to take care while giving supplements in daily dosage. Young calves (upto one year) are to be given 25-30 gm/day in cattle feed. Adult dry cattle are to be given 50 gm/day and lactating cows & buffaloes have to be given 150-200 gm/day. A simple method of giving such dosage is by directly giving the animals by hand this mixture in small portions of atta or jaggery.